Adam Sandler’s new movie ‘Hustle’ to feature a number of NBA players

Adam Sandler’s new movie ‘Hustle’ to feature a number of NBA players

NBA players going Hollywood and acting in movies is nothing new, as stars and regular players have been seen in significant or more minor roles in various films. Sometimes you can be suprised by an individual’s talent to act, and sometimes you can’t help but grimace looking at the pro athletes trying their luck in another craft. But one thing is for sure, for a basketball fan, it is always exciting and fun to see movies with NBA players in them, especially when the plot is actually revolving around basketball.

Well, it seems Adam Sandler is blessing us with precisely that, as his newest movie, ‘Hustle’ coming out later this year, will feature a good number of NBA players. This isn’t the first time Sandler is making a movie featuring NBA players, as his last project, ‘Uncut Gems,’ featuring Kevin Garnett, was a hit back in 2019. Sandler is right in his playing field, as the comedian and actor known for his sneaky good basketball skills and appearances in pro-runs is creating a sports-comedy, alongside NBA player Juancho Hernangomez.

The plot revolves around Sandler being an unjustly fired scout, trying to get back into the game by finding a talented overseas player, portrayed by Hernangomez. The story sounds exciting, as the movie will feature a couple of other NBA players. Sandler is currently filming in Philadelphia, where a couple of Sixers made an appearance on set. Tobias Harris, Seth Curry, Matisse Thybulle, Tyrese Maxey, and their head coach Doc Rivers are all set to make an appearance.

LeBron James is among the co-producers to make things even more interesting, as his presence will definitely add to the movie. The young Spaniard Hernangomez doesn’t have any previous experience, but according to Sandler, Juancho is a natural, surprising everybody on set and delivering on his part. Originally Sandler wanted to go to China, looking for a player, but because ‘Hustle’ is a Netflix Special and Netflix is not available in China, the location changed to Spain. Therefore Sandler needed a native NBA player, and Hernangomez is looking like the perfect cast.

Sandler has already been in the news recently after he was seen playing in a pick-up game with other NBA stars. This is not the first time footage of Sandler playing basketball has gone viral, as he is sort of a “celebrity basketball legend.” Surely we will have to get at least one scene of Sandler going up and dominating these NBA players. Considering how good Sandler has been recently regarding his acting and producing skills, ‘Hustle’ could be a true banger of a movie, especially with all the NBA cameos. It will be even more interesting for us basketball fans, as I personally can’t wait for the movie to release.