Aaron Gordon’s dunk contest wishlist

Aaron Gordon’s dunk contest wishlist

Aaron Gordon is one of the most dynamic dunkers in the game. His All-Star dunk performances are one of the best we’ve had and his duels with LaVine will go down as some of the best. After a long time, we were excited to watch them go toe-to-toe. The only blemish in the entire thing is the Gordon didn’t win (and he absolutely should’ve!!). I mean, just look at this.


We’ve got some good news. Gordon is willing to go another round. Usually, players do a few of these and then bow out – it takes time and energy to come up with and practice all the dunks. It’s easier to take a vacation in the Carribean for a week during the All-Star break. Aaron still has the competitive fire in him, and it would be a disappointment if he ended his career without a dunk contest title.

While on The Jump, Gordon expressed his desire to do the dunk contest again but mentioned it will all depend on injuries when the All-Star weekend comes around the corner. Not only does he want to do it again, but he also hopes all the best dunkers will show up. Who’s on the top of his wishlist? (via The Jump):

“Oh man, I know Zion probably going to do it. It’s in Zach’s hometown so he’ll probably do it, and the people want Donovan [Mitchell].”

We’ve had amazing duels in the past, but this would be an amazing quartet of dunkers. Gordon, Mitchell, LaVine, and Zion. Aaron also mentioned Derrick Jones Jr. and Hamidou Diallo, two guys who can hold their own for sure.

Let’s hope that in mid-February 2020 we all tune in and watch Gordon’s wishlist dunk it out in Chicago!