A stat that proves Patrick Beverley is among the best defenders in the league

A stat that proves Patrick Beverley is among the best defenders in the league

The narrative that Patrick Beverly is overrated can be summed up with Russell Westbrook describing him by saying Beverly “just runs around, doing nothing.” When his name comes up, it usually means polarizing opinions. Beverly’s a guy that you would probably want on your team, but if you’re not a Clippers fan, then you haven’t got much love for him.

Many critics say he’s more attitude and less actual defense. But the numbers say otherwise. Beverley is the only non-center in the top five in defensive real plus-minus in the league. His DRPM is 3.05, and in front of him are Rudy Gobert (4.05), Jakob Pöltl (3.53), Christian Wood (3.11), and Clint Capela (3.05). In the Jazz loss against the Clippers, Donovan Mitchell struggled, and the reason was Beverley.

“Gotta give credit to Patrick Beverley. He’s first-team All-Defense for a reason. Made my life hard to start the game. That kind of set the tone. Give Pat his credit. He’s a hell of a defender.”

Donovan Mitchell

Beverley is one reason why the Clippers are doing well on the defensive side, even though they aren’t among the best defensive teams in the league. The Clippers have the 15th best defensive net rating, but second behind the Nets in offensive rating. Their overall net rating is 6.23, third-best behind the Jazz (10.16) and the Bucks (6.39).

Also, the Clippers are 12.7 points per 100 possessions better on the defensive end of the floor when Beverley is on the court instead of off. It’s the fourth-largest difference in the NBA among players to log at least 500 minutes.

Still, it seems that’s not enough. Rumors around the NBA suggest that the Clippers are making Beverley and Lou Williams available in trade discussions. The main issue with those two is chemistry. Some NBA executives believe that the Clippers are trying to move them to build the new identity of the team. So will see if they are determined to move their great role-players in the near future