A remarkable origin of Kobe Bryant’s passion for storytelling

A remarkable origin of Kobe Bryant’s passion for storytelling

“Dear Basketball, From the moment I started rolling my dad’s tube socks and shooting imaginary game-winning shots … I fell in love with you.”

This is a sentence from the famous animated movie “Dear Basketball” written by Kobe Bryant, which ended up winning an Oscar over 2 months ago. Kobe showed his interest in storytelling long before he ended his illustrious career with the Lakers.

Kobe’s short story writing teacher in high school, John Osipowicz, shared an interesting story Kobe wrote when he was a senior. Bryant’s former high school English teacher says that Kobe has been writing poems about basketball since the 10th grade.

“He wrote this one story I still remember. The hero of the story got up there on the free-throw line, a point behind. In Kobe’s story, the character missed both free throws. I thought that was so interesting later on in his life. He was so much of a winner, but even at 17 he was aware you could lose.”

Bryant didn’t lose much toward the end of his high school career, leading the school to the state title as a senior. As we all know he won 5 NBA championships and won numerous games by hitting one incredible buzzer-beater after another.

Kobe’s former high-school coach Gregg Downer said: “I’ve no idea what he’ll do after his basketball career, but whatever it is, he won’t rest until he’s the best at it.”