A Lakers fan raised over $40k to hand out “Stand with Hong Kong” t-shirts

A Lakers fan raised over $40k to hand out “Stand with Hong Kong” t-shirts

This entire Morey situation made us realize the extent to which China will try to censor any speech or expression of ideas. An American citizen made a statement while in Japan on a network that doesn’t exist in China (Twitter is banned in China), and they want to shut him up and send a message to everyone else.

A Lakers fan Sun Lared decided to use the exact freedoms citizens of Hong Kong are fighting for and use Reddit to spread the news about his plan. Lared started a GoFundMe campaign to raise $20.000 to make t-shirts with the same content as Morey’s tweet “Fight for freedom. Stand with Hong Kong.” and give them out for free to everyone attending the season opener in Staples between the Lakers and Clippers.

“China is trying to censor the Houston Rockets (update: and now the entire NBA) because of Hong Kong,” the Gofundme page says. “Wouldn’t it be hilarious if on opening night in Staples Center the NBA fanbase made a collective demonstration against censorship by wearing “STAND WITH Hong Kong” T-Shirts?”

The plan worked better than Lared planned as he stopped the campaign a little under $43.000. The t-shirts have been made, and Lared is facing a different challenge now. It’s quite hard to hand out so many t-shirts on your own.

The NBA has removed fans with sings that said the same thing from arenas. If Adam Silver said he supports Daryl Morey’s right to express his views, the same should apply to ticket paying fans as well, right? We will find out on October 22nd.