A historic ​playoff run

A historic ​playoff run

Playoffs are always special, up to the conference finals we have seen some memorable, historic moments with high intensity, both on and off the court. Just remember first round trash talk between the Blazers and OKC. However, the series finished with Dame’s waving buzzer-beater from the logo of the Moda Center. A terrific finish to a 50-point game. In addition to Lillard, only Kevin Durant managed to score 50 points in a single game these playoffs.

This amazing game was just the overture to the best game of this year’s playoff series. There have never been more interesting back-to-back games at the same venue in NBA history. Portland went to a two-game trip in Colorado where they managed to pull-up an away win at Denver. Their next home game was one of a kind; a can’t miss game. For only the second time in history, we have witnessed a game with four overtimes.

The last time fans could have seen four overtimes in a playoff game; the calendar showed 1953. It was a game between the Boston Celtics and the Syracuse Nationals (now Phila 76ers). A whopping 66 years ago, when Portland and Denver did not even have NBA teams. At that time shot clock did not exist; a three-point line was introduced more than 25 years later. In other words, the NBA and basketball were utterly different from today’s game.

Up to game seven of Eastern conference semifinals, Dame’s shot was the only buzzer-beater series-winning shot in this year’s playoffs. In Toronto, Kawhi Leonard performed an amazing clutch shot to clinch the series. Only seven times a series-winning shot was made, in the past weeks, we have been privileged to have had the opportunity to see two of those shots.

Incredible, historic back-to-back games at Moda center, Kawhi’s game winner in game 7, present a great trailer for the finish of another thrilling NBA season. We get to enjoy four best teams in the league to play their best basketball in the remainder of the playoffs.