A hilarious story of an arm-wrestling match between Kevin Garnett and Glen Davis

A hilarious story of an arm-wrestling match between Kevin Garnett and Glen Davis

The NBA has had its share of unique characters in its history as that led to numerous hilarious stories of their shenanigans. But when you get a number of guys like that on one team, it becomes a constant show on the road. The ’09 Celtics were the prime example of that, as the “White Mamba” Brian Scalabrine was telling stories about that team on ‘The Lowe Post,’ including this plane scene featuring Kevin Garnett and Glen “Big Baby” Davis in the leading roles.

That team featured many veterans with a particular character and a lot of money to spend, like KG, Paul Pierce, Stephon Marbury, Tony Allen, Kendrick Perkins, and more. That resulted in the team being a full-time casino with guys betting on anything from in-game shots to dice and cards on the plane. But the main attraction that year was arm-wrestling matches as everybody was going up against each other with the spectators putting up their bets.

At 6’9” and 320 lbs, Glen Davis was dominating and crushing everybody, including one of the stronger guys in the team like Leon Powe. For some reason, Eddie House also tried his luck against “Big Baby,” as he ended up with a shoulder injury. Big Baby was untouchable.

But after a road game against the Raptors, a showdown in the air emerged in the plane back home. One of the most notorious trash talkers in NBA history, Kevin Garnett, decided to challenge Glen Davis while talking all kinds of smack. The exchange started to gain attention as bets were being made. Everybody on the plane was putting money on “Big Baby,” except Paul Pierce, who put 2000$ on KG.

Davis was the favorite especially considering he was much stronger than Garnett. But you can never underestimate the will of the crazy competitors. KG noticed Davis was cheating because of his other hand holding the table during matches. They would have to lock arms as the duel started. 

Everybody saw things weren’t going as usual as they were standing in place with Garnett barking at Davis: “I’M NOT MOVING MF!!”. Davis began to sweat as Garnett put him down and went ecstatic alongside all the players on the plane. Garnett went on to rip his shirt and scream: 


Kevin Garnett, The Lowe Post

Everybody was going crazy as Pierce counted up his money, with even the pilot congratulating Garnet on the intercom. A wild scene that gets even wilder when you consider that in 2009 season ticket holders were riding on planes with the team. That included many kids, as you can only think what they thought when they saw that scene. I would love to hear how they remember that event nowadays—just a wild and funny story.