The night Allan Houston and Kobe Bryant put on a show at the Staples Center

The night Allan Houston and Kobe Bryant put on a show at the Staples Center

New York Knicks fans have seen better days for their franchise. The team from the “Big Apple” is once again one of the worst teams in the eastern conference. They will probably be one of the biggest candidates to land another high draft pick this summer.

One of those better days for the New York Knicks fans came on this date in 2003 when the New York Knicks faced off against the Los Angeles Lakers at the Staples Center. The Knicks were at that time still a playoff team; however, there weren’t close to the quality they had at the end of the ’90s when Patrick Ewing was still around. They even played in the NBA finals against the Spurs but eventually lost in 5 games.

That night against the Lakers, the fans got to see an unforgettable duel between Allan Houston, who was at that time the Knicks best player and a prime Kobe Bryant who was on a scoring tear for a couple of weeks averaging 42.3 points over the eight-game span before the game against the Knicks. The Lakers were missing Shaquille O’Neal that game, which was injured, so the fans knew Bryant would try to go for at least 50 points once again.

Bryant did not disappoint that night, scoring 40 points on the Knicks; however, the player of the game was Allan Houston, who finished the game with a career-high 53 points in a spectacular win against the Lakers.

Houston made 18 out of 29 shots, going 13 out of 15 from the free-throw line became the first Knick to score more than 50 points since Patrick Ewing did it back in 1990.

“To get a win and have something like that happen individually, it feels great. It felt good just to get going and then it didn’t stop. It was like being out on the playground again, you’re just out there having fun and playing the game.”