90s sneaker battle — Grant Hill’s Fila vs. Reebok Shaqnosis

90s sneaker battle — Grant Hill’s Fila vs. Reebok Shaqnosis

The 90s was an excellent NBA era to live in. You could watch the GOAT on live TV (when he wasn’t taking a break to play baseball), there were no stupid clear path foul reviews, and defense was a thing. One other more interesting thing was the sneaker game. We take a look back at two iconic shoes from Fila and Reebok.

Grant Hill’s Fila

There was a lot of hype surrounding Grant Hill, especially when he came to the league. He was called the next face of the NBA after Michael Jordan. The Duke University alum could do a lot of things offensively. He was an inside and outside threat and has the body to bully smaller defenders or withstand contact and still sink a shot. At his size, it was rare at that time to have playmaking skills. His star potential was what made Fila sign him and release his shoe line. 

At that time, Air Jordan and Reebok were considered major players in the sneaker industry. The Grant Hill signature shoe eventually got 3 releases and 35 models. The most popular in the signature series is the Grant Hill 96 otherwise known as Grant Hill 2. At first glance, it gives off retro vibes with its leather and bulkier appearance. It was for small forwards and bigs in the league so designers could have emphasized protection and stability first. The Fila 96 is known for traction, support, and lockdown.

Because fans can’t help but get nostalgic and demand for new releases of these OGs, Fila decided to revive the retro sneaker line in 2018 with nothing less than Hill as its ambassador. You can avail Grant Hill’s Fila 96 for around $140. 

Reebok Shaqnosis

Shaq was an interesting character on and off the court and it spilled on Reebok’s Shaqnosis. He was dominating when playing and has always been funny on TV or in movies. 

At first glance, Shaqnosis is a looker. One cannot help but get fascinated at its design. With its market targeted towards big men, it’s a bit contrasting to get a bold colorway that is hypnotizing. The pair is only available in black and white and was worn by the hulking center in 1996.

The hypnotizing part comes from the contrasting pattern of black and white. Shaqnosis is part of the Mobius series from Reebok. Shaq has worn Shaqnosis in some of the biggest games of his career, which helped market the legend of the shoes. You may recognize them from one of the most famous warmup videos ever. 

After 20 years, Grant Hill’s Fila and Reebok Shaqnosis are viewed as iconic shoes from the 90s. Back then, some fans could not appreciate its design. Part of being legendary is that people don’t understand it until it’s gone. Now, fans want the shoe lines to be revived because they simply don’t make it like them anymore. 

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