82 percent of college coaches think Jordan is better than LeBron

82 percent of college coaches think Jordan is better than LeBron

One of the hottest debates in recent years has been around Michael Jordan and LeBron James and who is better between these two legends. However, according to a survey that was recently conducted and published by CBS Sports writers Gary Parrish and Matt Norlander, 82 percent of college coaches believe Michael Jordan is better than LeBron James on the G.O.A.T ladder. More than 100 coaches were anonymously polled and it wasn’t even close.

“Not to take anything away from LeBron, but the game is so different now from when Jordan played,” one coach who picked Jordan said. “If Mike played in this day and age, with freedom of movement, he’d average 40 points a game.

A lot of people judge players and their success by their appearance in the finals and while Jordan went a perfect 6-0 in the NBA Finals and LeBron has gone 3-6 during his run in the NBA finals, coaches didn’t take that into account. Here are some of the things coaches had to say about this subject and how they actually measure who is a greater player.

LeBron’s done so many great things on and off the court. But if somebody put a gun to your head, and you had to go win a game, who are you going to go with? Michael Jordan or LeBron James? My money and my life are going to be with Jordan. He played both sides of the ball as good as anybody. He was the best offensive player and defensive player in the league every night.”

Another coach said they voted for LeBron primarily because of his off-court contributions.

“If we are going off the man as a whole, I’m taking LeBron. Basketball-wise he is not far off from Jordan – and the numbers he has put up a year in and year out are absurd. Where I think LeBron has separated himself from Jordan is with his stances on what he believes in,” the coach explained. “The school he just opened is awesome and will change lives. And what he has stood for, and stood against, throughout his career is what puts him on my Mount Rushmore of Athletes.”

This debate is a never-ending story, and it’s hard to compare players from different eras, however, for the first time we have an analytical approach to this interesting topic.