8 Reasons Why LeBron is Going to Houston next year

8 Reasons Why LeBron is Going to Houston next year

LeBron is leaving Cleveland. Who wouldn’t? And the Rockets are his only realistic destination. Nobody else can offer him the money and chance to win Houston can. We’ll see in July!

The Cavaliers have been struggling of late, and they are currently sitting on the 3rd spot in the East with a 27-19 record. There were also numerous reports about dysfunctional relationships among teammates in the Cavaliers locker room.

It’s no news there is a big possibility of LeBron leaving Cleveland once again next summer with a couple of teams like Houston Rockets being frontrunners to sign LeBron.

We bring you 8 reasons why there is a big possibility LeBron will become a member of the already stacked Rockets team.

  1. The Cavaliers locker room is a nightmare right now and their cap situation is a disaster. Nobody in their right mind would resign, especially if they get bounced before the finals.
  2. He’s said the two most important things to him are winning and becoming a billionaire.
  3. LeBron-Harden-CP3-Capella is a better Big 4 than the Warriors. His best/only shot at beating a healthy GSW next year.
  4. Texas has no state income tax, which would save LeBron millions of dollars annually, especially since Trump’s new tax plan punishes those in high tax states.
  5. Houston has the assets/cap space to get him in a CP3 style opt-in and trade. RyNo + Tucker and 3 future firsts work perfectly with the cap and for both teams
  6. He’d only committed for one year. If he really, really wants to be in LA he’ll be a free agent the following summer and can go there then. But why not win a title first? Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram will still be there in 2019.
  7. He could finally play with his buddy CP3.
  8. The Big 4 + Trevor Ariza is a better starting lineup than GSW, and Gordon is better than anybody the Warriors bring off their bench.

The summer of 2018 will definitely be interesting as it may lead to some tectonic changes in the NBA landscape.