7 reasons why every NBA fan should follow the Playoffs with the Sportening app

7 reasons why every NBA fan should follow the Playoffs with the Sportening app

Basketball Network is always on the lookout for the best new sports app to help us provide unrivaled NBA coverage. And after having used most of the top-rated sports apps out there, like ESPN, theScore, BleacherReport, and The Athletic, among others, we finally ran into an app that has it all — Sportening, the best sports app for fans.

The entire team at Basketball Network has been using the app for the past few weeks, and to say that we are delighted would be an understatement. We were so impressed we reached out to them and actually partnered up for the NBA Playoffs (more info below). Sportening is arguably one of the most intuitive apps we have ever used, and here are seven reasons why.

Real-time stats

You will find complete live game details on the app, from comprehensive stats, boxscores, lineups, to team head to heads. Player profiles are another awesome thing, and the ability to sort all statistical categories in the boxscore section.

Follow live games and chat with friends

The app gives you an excellent overview of today’s basketball, and current live games, as you can see from the screenshot. One of the coolest things Sportening has to offer is the group chat functionality. Groups are easily made, and anyone can go ahead and create a private group; you can chat with other fans or your friends.

Official NBA Channel – NBA by Basketball Network ✅

Once you download the app and choose your favorite team, you will automatically be added to the official NBA channel “NBA by Basketball Network”. Our editorial team is in charge of populating the main channel with breaking news, game coverage and much much more. Users can discuss every post and forward it to their respective groups.

Create your private chat groups

You can create as many private groups as you like and invite your friends to talk basketball. The app sends several automated notifications so you’ll always know when the game starts and what was the final score.

Up-to-date info on every franchise

Sportening has the slickest franchise pages for every team. You’ll find all of the information you need, whether it be recent form, latest news, or video highlights to standings, roster, lineups, and much more.

Great design

Overall, Sportening has a phenomenal look and feel to it, very intuitive and seamless design, so it’s no surprise that users spend hours upon hours on the app, checking game stats and chatting with friends.

No ads

Last but not least, no ads. The app has no ads and the ‘no ad’ policy guarantees a non-intrusive experience for the user.

All in all, Sportening is one of the best apps we’ve come across recently and we highly recommend you try it out. Here are the download links for the App Store, Google Play and the AppGallery.