3 players who were already rich even before entering the NBA

3 players who were already rich even before entering the NBA

NBA players come from a wide variety of family backgrounds and environments growing up. Some come from poverty-stricken families, which usually becomes their motivation to make it big in the league. Others come from regular middle-class families, while some come from affluent families. Here are three players who were millionaires prior to entering the league.

Joakim Noah

Noah is the son of French tennis legend Yannick Noah and former Miss Sweden Cecilia Rodhe. It’s safe to say he grew up comfortably. His father had a successful career from 1978 to 1990 and captured a total of 23 titles as a pro tennis player while earning over 3.5 million dollars just from ATP prize money. This ensured a wonderful upbringing for Joakim, who ultimately over $130 million from his basketball career.

Steph Curry

Steph is Dell Curry’s eldest son. Curry Sr. played in the NBA for 16 seasons. During his time, Dell already proved that a player could prolong his professional career with great shooting skills. A good shooter has always been a necessity for teams, and that is one trait the father passed on to his sons. Steph grew humble and grounded despite being around NBA players and hanging out in their locker rooms. Despite having a millionaire father, Steph Curry still managed to become a good person and even better player. Not to mention that he has currently earned approximately $170 million only from basketball.

Kobe Bryant

Just like Steph, Kobe’s dad was a former NBA player, and although Joe Bryant never reached his son’s superstar status when he was playing, he was still paid more than average. After spending time in the NBA, Joe played overseas and had stints in Italy, where young Kobe grew up. Kobe’s wealthy upbringing proved to be a challenge in acquiring street credibility, especially when he started dominating the NBA.

“The biggest problem with Kobe’s street credibility is that he doesn’t come from the streets”

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Ultimately, making the NBA is incredibly hard by itself, and it’s great to see players play basketball just because of their love for the game, regardless if they grew up in wealthy families like these three. That alone is a feat worth admiring.