3 Most Memorable And Disrespectful Step Overs in The History Of The NBA

3 Most Memorable And Disrespectful Step Overs in The History Of The NBA

Mario Hezonja had an overall forgettable season but for two moments. He blocked a LeBron shot, and he dunked and stepped over Giannis. After that, Giannis said he would punch him in the nuts if he did it again. Definitely one of the most memorable and disrespectful moments of this season. That got us thinking, what were the most memorable and disrespectful step overs of all time?

LeBron James over Draymond Green

One of the more recent ones came a few years ago in the 2016 NBA Finals rematch between the Cavaliers and the Warriors.

Towards the end of Game 4, LeBron and Green got tangled up in a screen as Draymond fell and LeBron just vigorously stepped over him. Draymond didn’t appreciate the gesture, so he went after him with some bad words and got into a scuffle.

“Some of the words that came out of his mouth was a little overboard,” James said after the game. “Being a guy with pride, a guy with three kids, things of that nature, some things just go overboard. That’s where he took it.”

It would cost him a 1-game suspension which would prove to be critical as the Cavs completed their infamous 3-1 comeback and won the 2016 Finals.

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Draymond almost took the bait

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Allen Iverson over Ty Lue

This one also came in the Finals, but way back in 2001 when the underdog Sixers went against the powerhouse Lakers.

Ty Lue was charged with guarding Allen Iverson who at the time was one of the most unstoppable offensive players in the game and single-handedly leading the Sixers to the Finals.

He was doing his best, but on this play, Iverson just embarrassed him as he stepped back and hit a jumper in his face. Lue would fall in front of him as “AI” just looked at him with disgust and stepped over him back to defense.

The Sixers would surprise and take Game 1 led by the 48 points from Iverson, breaking the Lakers perfect playoff record that year, but would go on to lose their next four games.

For a lot of people, this is the most memorable step over ever because of the iconic effect of the sequence and the swagger with which AI did it.

Scottie Pippen over Patrick Ewing

Now, this is a pure classic. 1994 Eastern Conference Finals. Bulls Vs. Knicks. Game 6. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Scottie Pippen got the ball on the fast break and just posterized the Knicks star center Patrick Ewing for one of the most memorable posters in NBA History.

Pippen would add to insult to injury by pushing him away in the process and stepping over him while yelling towards Spike Lee in the sidelines. It was a moment of fantasy for Bulls fans.

“That was probably the easiest dunk I ever did,” Pippen jokingly said during an amusing conversation about the historic moment. “I think I must have crossed Derek Harper over at half court, because when I see the picture of it, he’s back wondering what happened.  All I remember is catching the ball and I don’t know how Patrick even got down there. It was such a weird play.”

It was quite possibly the most disrespectful moment in NBA history.

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The dunk wasn't bad either

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