2K20 ratings released

2K20 ratings released

2K ratings are something of a sensitive issue at Basketball Network. We have the game in our office, for work purposes, of course. Research, simulating game tactics, etc. We may occasionally have a tournament to see who reigns as king of the office. 

So when the new 2K ratings are released we know a, let’s say, vigorous day is ahead of us. We all have teams we always play with, and the valuation of each team’s talents can boost your way to the throne. 

We’re not the only one who cares. For the past few years, we’ve seen many players tweet their score and complain about the number. Shocking to learn that the players are competitive about this, isn’t it? We even learned that KD plays as LeBron.

The ratings for 2K20 have just been released, and this will cause some discussion. The team at 2K studios thinks we have a shared trone this season, but the elder statesman got the nod to be no1 in the rankings. Here’s all the players with the 90+ ranking. 

  1. LeBron James, 97
  2. Kawhi Leonard, 97
  3. Giannis Antetokounmpo, 96
  4. Kevin Durant, 96
  5. James Harden, 96
  6. Stephen Curry, 95
  7. Anthony Davis, 94
  8. Paul George, 93
  9. Damian Lillard, 92
  10. Joel Embiid, 91
  11. Kyrie Irving, 91
  12. Nikola Jokic, 90
  13. Russell Westbrook, 90

The rookie scores were also released, and Zion is the only player over 80 with a 81. 2K20 is set to be released on September 6, so set you alarm and let your family know you are not available in September.