[2013] Shaq cries while talking about Patrick Ewing

[2013] Shaq cries while talking about Patrick Ewing

We all know that Shaquille O’Neal is one of the most confident and self-flattering players in the history of the NBA, and with good reason.

He was widely known for his force and is one of the, if not the most dominant players ever. But still, he knew to respect his elders and the greatness of other players.

Back in the ’90s, the NBA was filled with a bunch of great centers that Shaq would have to battle with. From Hakeem Olajuwon, David Robinson, Alonzo Mourning to Patrick Ewing. But it seems that Ewing stuck in his memory.

In 2013 on NBATV Shaq showed his respect, got emotional and even started crying when Patrick Ewing, who was a guest that day left the set.

Shaq then decided to explain why he got so emotional and why he thinks Ewing is an all-time great and should be mentioned in the top 5 list of centers:

“A lot of people, when they talk about the greats, Patrick Ewing’s name never comes up, but I’m putting Patrick Ewing’s name in there as one of the greats. He was a great competitor, even though he never won a championship.”

It was truly a beautiful show of respect from one of the greatest players to another great.