[2009] The Game LeBron James Got Hot and Scored 16 points In 2 Minutes

[2009] The Game LeBron James Got Hot and Scored 16 points In 2 Minutes

The NBA is full of very talented players, who when they get hot are impossible to guard. Even when bench players get cooking, they are hard to stop. But when the best player in the game LeBron James gets hot, it becomes a show. And in 2009 the Milwaukee Bucks were the victims.

The Bucks were hosting the Cavaliers in a regular season game, as everything was going pretty standard in the 1sthalf. But when the 2ndhalf started, the Bucks were leading by 4, but then LeBron started feeling it and decided to turn this game around.

LeBron started with and a tough mid-range jumper that he banked of the glass. Then on the next possession, he demanded the ball right away, as he just sprinted down the court with the ball and pulled up for a long three. On the next possession it was the same thing, but this time he added a nice crossover, as he drained another tough three over Richard Jefferson.  It was heat check time.

What is interesting, on the next possession he got fouled on the drive, but eventually missed both of his free throws, but that wouldn’t stop him from the zone he was in. The Cavs got the offensive rebound, passed it back to LeBron who with no hesitation decided to pull up for another tough three and drained it.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get crazier, the Cavs got another stop, as LeBron just flew to the other side and pulled up for another three a few steps behind the line. Even Bucks fans were going crazy as they couldn’t believe what was happening. To cap it all off, he drove once again and pulled up for a mid-range jumper to make it 16 points in 2 minutes. He would eventually finish the game with 55 points and a W.

At that point, the Bucks finally decided to call a timeout. The score went from 53-57 for the Bucks at the 11:28 mark in the third quarter to 61-69 for the Cavaliers at the 9:10 mark in the quarter. An unbelievable display, especially for a player not known as a great shooter, but an athletic freak.