[2005] Vince Carter’s Brutal Poster On Alonzo Mourning

[2005] Vince Carter’s Brutal Poster On Alonzo Mourning

Vince Carter has dunked all over many defenders throughout his iconic career, but perhaps nobody took being posterized harder than Hall of Famer Alonzo Mourning.

In a 2005 regular-season game between the Miami Heat and the New Jersey Nets, Vince was still in his prime and he made sure to showcase it. Vince has collected a number of bodies over his lengthy playing career, but none of his victims took to being posterized as personally as Alzono Mourning.  This was a perfect showcase of the ball handling, strength, and hops that made Carter one of the league’s best dunkers.

Here’s how Carter explained what was going through his head at that moment: He said that when he was driving toward the hoop, he was wondering why Mourning wasn’t stepping forward, and when Mourning finally did step forward, it was too late. Carter threw it down all over the Hall of Famer.

Vince Carter revealed a crazy fact during The Jump‘s segment “What were you thinking?” on Wednesday. While talking about that time he brutally posterized Alonzo Mourning in 2005, Carter said that after that dunk, Mourning didn’t talk to him for six or seven years.

Rachel Nichols, the host of the show, was shocked when Carter said it took six or seven years for Mourning to talk to him after that, as Tracy McGrady called it, “disrespectful” slam, but McGrady wasn’t surprised.

“He shouldn’t have. Not after that,” T-Mac said.

Carter dunked on Mourning more than once during their games, but it was the dunk that McGrady deemed “disrespectful” that stopped all communication between the two basketball players. To be fair to Mourning, a dunk like this by an all-time great is going to be demoralizing; no man should have to live with getting dunked on like this.