[2005] T-Mac Sucks The Gravity Right Out Of The Building

[2005] T-Mac Sucks The Gravity Right Out Of The Building

While there are many highlight-reel plays throughout McGrady’s time in the NBA to choose from, his poster dunk on the 7’6″ Shawn Bradley is easily his most electric one.

Back in 2005 Tracy McGrady “sucked the gravity right out of the building” by posterizing Shawn Bradley in Game 2 of the Rockets first-round series with the Dallas Mavs. It remains one of the best dunks of all-time and the most memorable poster on Bradley and that’s saying a lot.

What many people don’t remember about this day was the Rockets taking a 2-0 lead on the Mavs, in Dallas, behind an impressive 28 points, 10 assists, 8 boards, 3 steals, 3 blocks, and a game-winner.T-Mac ended this game with a game-winning jumper and some more mean-mugging that sucked the souls of Mavs fans right out of the building.

Unfortunately for the Rockets they returned home to Houston, lost back-to-back games, went back to Dallas, and lost another. The Rockets convincingly beat the Mavs by 18 in Game 6 and they were just murdered in Game 7. McGrady and Yao Ming did what they could in the final game with 61 combined points but the rest of the Rockets scored just 15 total points as the well-balanced Mavs team put up 116.

However, no one threw down a fiercer dunk on Bradley than the one Tracy McGrady did in the 2005 postseason. T-Mac went baseline around Dirk Nowitzki and left a wide-open lane with only Shawn Bradley in the way. With little time to react, Shawn gave a weak attempt to block the shot and instead got a very large amount of groin sweat on his back as McGrady nearly went uncontested. Shawn is another one of the players on this list who has made a career and has become famous for being on the opposite end of a number of poster dunks.