[2003] Kobe Bryant’s Notorious Behind The Back Reverse Dunk

[2003] Kobe Bryant’s Notorious Behind The Back Reverse Dunk

Vincent Yarbrough is one of those special players in the NBA whose claim to fame is not that of being a spectacular player, but for being dunked on by a spectacular player. Much like the case of Shawn Bradley, Yarbrough would not be regularly known if not for his role in one of the NBA’s greatest poster dunks.

Since coming into the NBA in 1996, Kobe Bryant has had his fair share of memorable moments on the court. Often times, those instances involved a dunk. But when we think about one of the greatest players to ever play the game, one moment from the 2002-03 regular season seems to always stand out. And for former Denver Nuggets shooting guard Vincent Yarbrough, we’re sure this particular play is one he’d love to erase.

On February 11, 2003, the Denver Nuggets traveled to LA  for a regular-season clash with the Los Angeles Lakers. During a time, which now seems forever ago , when the Lakers were known more for their winning ways than their inability to attract top-level talent, the people in Los Angeles would flock to the Staples Center, expecting to see a good show. On this particular evening, the ticket was certainly worth the price of admission.

Following a terrific full-court pass, Bryant caught the pass near the Denver Nuggets three-point line and with Yarbrough hounding him, went behind his back, took one more step, and threw down a reverse slam over the top of the unsuspecting guard.

The Staples Center erupted in euphoria. Bryant had sent a message that, to this day, continues to remain loud and clear. He would not be denied. In his heyday, Bryant was the king of impossible dunks like this one. He has thrown down slams from impossible angles while using an absurd of hang time in the process and has made people even like Vincent Yarbrough famous.