[2002] Doug Christie Uppercuts Rick Fox In A Preseason Game

[2002] Doug Christie Uppercuts Rick Fox In A Preseason Game

During a preseason game on October 28th of 2002, the Lakers were hosting their rivals Sacramento Kings in an exhibition game which turned ugly when  Doug Christie did what so many non-Laker fans wanted to do, as he uppercuted Rick Fox right in the jaw.

Doug Christie and Rick Fox had been beefing since the playoffs prior and couldn’t wait to step to each other. It all started with an elbow and face push from Fox, then that’s when Doug hit him with the uppercut. Things got really ugly after that, as both teams got into a scuffle in the tunnel, which also involved an injured Shaq and  Vlade Divac.

Things got so hectic, the two banged out in the tunnel and needed a swarm of security guards and the entire Kings bench to break it up. Even Christie’s wife was even in the mix as well.

“Rick didn’t just go too far. He went overseas and back,” said Divac of Fox. “I don’t feel secure, man. They are supposed to keep these games secure.

“I thought it was going to be fun. The last game of the preseason, you try to work on your game and get ready for the regular season.”

Kings coach Rick Adelman also had some complaints about the security.

“I’m not disappointed in Doug, I’m not disappointed in my team. There’s something wrong with the security. That type of thing shouldn’t even come close to happening.”

On the other side, a young heated Kobe said: “It’s personal now.”

This was a preseason game, although it didn’t look like it. Fox earned six games while Christie got himself two. But today Fox or Christie don’t mind joking about the incident.