[1999] Vince Carter With The Best Missed Dunk Ever

[1999] Vince Carter With The Best Missed Dunk Ever

Vince Carter is regarded by many people as the greatest dunker ever. And with a good reason. For the past 20 years, he has blessed us with a variety of unbelievable dunks, from in-game posters over the likes of Alonzo Mourning, Olympic posters literally jumping over a 7-footer Frédéric Weis, and of course who can forget the amazing 2000 Dunk Contest performance.

But in the bunch of his amazing dunks, there had to be some amazing misses. And this one is probably the most spectacular.

On December 19, 1999, the Toronto Raptors were hosting the Los Angeles Lakers in a regular season game. The Raptors lost the game 94-88, but with 10.9 seconds left they tried to pull off a play that has never been seen before.

Dell Curry, the father of certain player you might know named Stephen Curry,  was inbounding the ball from halfcourt as he launched a very direct and hard pass straight to the backboard. Vince was cutting through the middle straight to the basket.

Vince amazingly managed to catch the ball and stretch out trying to throw down a monster one-hander. But it was a bit short as it stayed on the front of the rim. It was an amazing pass, an even more amazing catch, but it was too tough to finish as even the amazing Vince Carter couldn’t pull it off.

Vince Carter had a great game also that night as he finished with 29 points, but it wasn’t enough to beat Kobe and Shaq.

What is unknown is why that kind of play was drawn up down 6 with 10 seconds to go. Maybe the coach thought there’s no chance of winning this game, so let’s try to get on SportsCenter. If it went down, it maybe could have been one of the most amazing dunks in history. Too bad it didn’t drop.