[1999] A rare preseason dunk contest between Vince Carter and Tracy McGrady

[1999] A rare preseason dunk contest between Vince Carter and Tracy McGrady

Back in 2000, we had a chance to see a pair of young high-flyers in Vince Carter and Tracy McGrady compete in the NBA Dunk Contest. Vince stole the show with an all-time great performance and took home the crown as the Dunk Contest Champion in one of the most significant contests ever.

But what many people don’t know, that wasn’t the only dunk contest in which Vince and Tracy competed. In a 1999 preseason open practice, in which Carter was just a rookie and haven’t played a game in the NBA and his cousin McGrady was entering his second year, they squared off in a dunk-off.

That wasn’t seen before by anyone except the fans that were in the arena until the NBA released this video in honor of Carter’s 42ndbirthday:

The dunks weren’t precisely as spectacular as Carter’s dunks in the 2000 Dunk Contest, but never the less it was still inspiring for the Raptors fans to see their two young stars show off their skills.

Who knows if Vince was already considering entering the dunk contest the next year then, but he was already thrilling fans even before he showed to the world in 2000.

Rare but on the other hand cool footage, as its always fun to see young Vince and T-Mac go at it. It also seems Carter is playing his record and final 22nd season in the NBA, as another great career is slowly coming to an end.