[1988] Michael Jordan: “We just lost to Boston Celtics, but guess what: I’m winning!”

Michael Jordan was a gambling man. His ultra-competitive persona would never allow him just to play a game, whatever it may be. He had to win. Be it basketball, golf, or cards — MJ wanted to win, and if possible, end up with a pile of cash while at it.

There are dozens of MJ gambling and betting anecdotes from which we can ultimately conclude — the GOAT is a compulsive gambler. From the smallest kind of games like betting $100K on a rock & paper and scissors game, to million-dollar hands and rolls in casinos.

Fortunately for MJ, there was no social media when he played. Imagine seeing Lebron, Kawhi, or Giannis raving through Atlantic City casinos long into the night and having to face the Knicks in the Playoffs the next day. The media would eat them up, and they would probably face severe suspensions and fines from their teams. MJ this precisely this, and somehow it went by.

With the absence of social media as well as mobile technology, players would spend more time hangin’ out, playing cards, and betting against each other during road trips. Jordan was a master at this, and the video below is proof of that.

We just lost to Boston Celtics, but guess what: I’m winning!

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(Swipe) MJ was a simple man… Basketball, golf, cigars and gambling… Filmed in 1988 on a road trip 👌

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