[1986] Dominique Wilkins drops 57 points on Michael Jordan

[1986] Dominique Wilkins drops 57 points on Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan had his share of rivals during his illustrious career, but one of the most memorable was definitely Dominique Wilkins. Many remember their dunk contest duels, but they also had a share of battles on the court. On a particular night, Dominique had himself a career nigh against MJ.

During the 1986 season, Dominique was having a career season averaging 30 points and was one of the best players at the time. In a game between the Atlanta Hawks and the Chicago Bulls that season, Dominique dropped 57 points while shooting 19 for 28 from the field. That 57 broke the NBA season-high of 48, which was set by MJ just a few weeks earlier.

His unreal athleticism allowed him to finish at the rim with a variety of dunks including a few windmills and a poster on Mike Brown, as he led his Hawks to the victory.

On the other end, his opponent Michael Jordan wasn’t too shabby that game, dropping 41 points while shooting 15 for 25 from the field, but it wasn’t enough to overcome an inspired “Nique.”

Jordan would eventually get his revenge later that season when he scored 34 points to Dominique’s 22 in a Bulls win. Also in another game, Jordan even scored 61, but it wasn’t enough to win as Wilkins had 34 points and took the win. It was indeed an era of incredible rivalries, and the one between these two was one of the best.